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Welcome to Warwickshire Leisure Studies.  On these pages you will find mentally stimulating, and creative, local Warwickshire and West Midlands  adult leisure courses.  These are offered at a high level: often to university undergraduate level, and are  taught by local adult tutors who are well qualified in their subject areas.  Most tutors have previously worked for The University of Warwick Centre for Lifelong Learning (The University of Warwick’s own Adult Education Department) and some still offer some courses for the CLL as well.  Have a look around.  The tutor’s own, detailed info pages are on the left.   Find out about us and our courses.  Alternatively,  click on the subject list below.  Questions?  Look out for the ‘Contact Me’ forms.  Found a course that sounds right for you?  Sign up using the PayPal button on the tutor’s page (You can also use a credit card.) or follow the tutor’s own sign-up instructions.

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